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Magnetic degaussing

DataZero™ uses high powered magnetic degaussers exclusively when sanitising highly sensitive top secret data on both hard disks and tape media.

No other form of erasing can match the level of top secret data erasing that our degausser can achieve. DataZero™ can guarantee that no data can be recovered by any means, including laboratory attack when degaussing is used. Laboratory attacks use sophisticated instruments such as Magnetic Force Microscopes (MFM) to look at data.

Our equipment is American made, NSA approved and listed on the NSA evaluated products list for degaussers for 2800 Oersted tape and 5000 Oersted longitudinal and perpendicular hard drives meeting DoD sanitising requirements.

Degaussing is a powerful magnetic field that instantly erases magnetic media using

strong magnetic fields (+26,000 Gauss/-17,000 Gauss = 43,000 Gauss). This massive magnetic field also provides the best opportunity to erase future magnetic media.

Every degaussing cycle is checked using an internal magnetic field verification instrument called a Field CheckR. The Field CheckR is also listed in the NSA evaluated products list.

Overwriting 101

Formatting, deleting, overwriting and platter shattering of hard disks and tape media is not an adequate substitution for degaussing.

Overwriting data erasing must only be used and approved if the user is going to reuse the hard drives at the same classification or higher. Overwritten hard drives cannot be released from the customer because overwritten hard drives are not sanitised.

DataZero™ uses both 3 pass and 7 pass software overwriting methods for non-sensitive data or when equipment is to be refurbished or redeployed into the same security classification or department.

DataZero™ cannot guarantee that data is not recoverable using the overwriting method however we work closely with you to determine the best solution. The only way to ensure all data is removed from hard disks or backup tapes is to use an appropriate, NSA approved degausser.

Formatting, deleting and overwriting does not erase files, it simply removes pointers and compresses disk space. Data remains and can be recovered leaving your data at risk.

Likewise, physical destruction such as shattering, drilling, folding, shredding and disintegrating does NOT ensure your data is unrecoverable either. Both commercial and government labs have methods to successfully recover information from pieces of disk or tape.

The only way to ensure all information is removed from a tape or disk is to use an appropriate, NSA approved degausser then optionally physical destruction.

Commercial regulation

Everyone's data is at risk and there is a regulatory environment to protect it. The regulations below are all met when using DataZero™ and degaussing for data sanitising and destruction.

(1) The NIST “Guidelines for Media Sanitization” refer to the NSA for products to sanitize magnetic media, including the NSA Evaluated Products List-Degausser.

(2) The HIPPA Security Rule (SR) requires the final disposition of information/the hardware electronic media on which it is stored; HIPPA refers to NIST/NSA.

(3) Under the HITECH Act (“The Act”), business associates are now directly required to comply with the security rule.

(4) The Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act requires financial institutions to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information obtained from their customers by erasing, degaussing or destroying electronic media.

(5) The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard directs to destroy media containing cardholder data when it is no longer needed as follows: Render cardholder data on electronic media unrecoverable so that cardholder data cannot be reconstructed such as when using a degausser.

The use of DataZero™ and our NSA approved degausser meets or exceeds all Government and Commercial guidance regarding hard drive and backup tape media disposal and sanitation.

Data hoarding

Our own company data research shows the leading reason our customers and organisations don't recycle is fear of data leaks or lack of options regarding erasing company data from computers and IT server equipment.

This results in massive amounts of data sitting in computer rooms, cupboards, racks and offsite storage. Companies are data hoarding old, unwanted data that could be easily erased and recycled by DataZero™ both onsite or off.

Faulty hard disks

Erasing data using commercially available wiping software assumes a working IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, FC-AL or SAN hard disk drive connection to initialise the drive ready for overwriting.

Declassifying and sanitising hard disks or tape media for warranty replacement is impossible if you can't mount the drive increasing the risk of a data leak.

Degaussing does not require software or power applied to the device and is suited to erasing faulty drives prior to being dispatched for warranty replacement.

DataZero™ calls this data shredding and its your insurance policy against data leaks when drives become faulty and need to be declassified prior to replacement.

Guaranteed security

DataZero™ owns and operates a high powered degausser which is the preferred method of data sanitation by the DoD (Department of Defence) that guarantees to prevent data recovery by any means.

Using DataZero™ for data erasing when using degaussing allows organisations to save time and declassify highly sensitive data onsite.

Degausses reduce risk

Prevent excess storage and handling by degaussing your data. Media can be declassified onsite with the customer as the witness.

This avoids liability associated with lost or stolen customer data by ensuring there is nothing to be recovered. Degaussing also reduces the amount of administrative procedures required to store and inventory classified information.


Get the most out of your corporate social responsibility when data erasing. By using DataZero™ and degaussing with our NSA approved degausser, all information is removed while the hard drive remains physically intact.

Complete hard drives are easier to recycle than drives shredded into small, mixed pieces.

Coercivity 101

Coercivity is a measure of a ferro magnetic (Tape) or ferro electronic (Hard disk) material to withstand an external magnetic field. Coercivity measures the resistance of a hard disk or backup tape to becoming demagnetised or influenced by an external magnetic field.

Most modern hard disks and tape media have extremely high coercivity and each year the coercivity may increase relative to new advances in technology and design.

DataZero™ is at the forefront of data erasing using degaussing because our equipment far exceeds the coercivity of Longitudinal Magnetic Recorded (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recorded (PMR) hard disk media with a coercivity of 5000 Oersteds and magnetic tape media with a coercivity of 2800 Oersteds.

Our equipment is built to erase the toughest and latest hard disks and tapes especially the latest LTO Ultrium series of backup tapes.


Oersteds is the measurement of magnetic strength also known as gauss.

DataZero™ owns and operates an NSA approved degausser that has the strongest, patented peak magnetic field.