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Certified destruction

Book online or call DataZero™

Booking a data erasing service is achieved by calling us or booking online. Let us know the type of media you require erased, your address and erasing security level required.

DataZero™ arrives promptly

We can perform onsite data erasing or alternatively we can arrive onsite and collect the tapes and devices from you undertaking all erasing tasks offsite to specification.

Media is sorted

Sanitising equipment is setup. Tape and hard disks are prepared for sanitising by removing caddy's, excess metals, labels and screws ensuring compliant erasing.

Media is scanned

Hard disks and magnetic backup tapes are barcode scanned prior to data sanitising and audited every 10 cycles. Sanitised media is labeled removing human error.

Media is sanitised

Hard disks and magnetic backup tape media are sanitised using a powerful NSA approved high powered magnetic degausser. Media is now fully declassified.

Certificate is issued

Upon completion of the entire batch of hard disks or tape media sanitising, the barcode scanning data is imported into Excel and a data destruction certificate is generated.